What’s in a Name

So about that blue horse…

People often ask, “What’s the significance of the blue horse? Sure, the horse metaphor makes sense as a business symbol. They’re intelligent, spirited, and versatile creatures. But blue? That’s a horse of a different color.

Which is precisely our point.

Our horse isn’t just blue; it’s ablaze with a fiery blue energy that kicks up its heels and loves a good challenge. True blue inside and out, our horse is loyal, with a strong sense of fair play and desire to make a difference — not just be different.

Nimble around the tricky project turns and a powerhouse of productivity on the long stretches, this is one fierce competitor with a lot of heart who’s never content just to place or show, but bring home the roses.

And so it is with that curious blue horse of ours, and with us.

Incidentally, the horse in our logo is affectionately named Babe, after the feisty Arabian mare my mother had as a young girl.

— Sandy Taccone

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