As a Contract Developer you will work closely with our User Experience (UX) team to make our digital designs as elegant under the hood as they are on the surface. This means writing clean, accessible code that faithfully represents the approved visual designs. From prototype to launch, your skills will be integral to the success and efficiency of our team and the final product we deliver to our clients.


  • Coding websites, landing pages, emails, ads, web and mobile apps
  • Working on leading edge development using all the latest tools and techniques
  • Optimizing and performance-tuning applications for usability, file size, traffic requirements and more
  • Managing web environments from development phase to launch
  • Finding opportunities and making recommendations in all kinds of business applications

Technical Skills

You have strong knowledge and comfort in:

  • WordPress and/or Drupal
  • PHP (including legacy versions back to 5.2)
  • Linux/Apache/MySQL
  • Standards Compliant HTML/CSS
  • JavaScript (in particular, jQuery and AJAX techniques)

You definitely:

  • Have a solid programming background, preferably from a 4-year institution
  • Know about database design and structure
  • Can manage shared hosting environments including configuration, deployment, etc.
  • Understand common open source and commercial technologies and platforms
  • Can create and use complex data structures
  • Have knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) best practices
  • Know how to build websites and web properties that conform to web accessibility standards
  • Take ownership of assignments and meet milestones and deadlines

It would also be great if you:

  • Understand Content Management Systems (CMS), Ecommerce frameworks and how to theme them to an approved design
  • Have skills that are totally cross-browser and cross-platform
  • Understand the elements of effective User Interface (UI) design
  • Can help resolve small, everyday IT issues
  • Love it when a designer hands you a complex layout
  • Can use your frontend magic to make designs come to life
  • Have a good sense of humor, are enthusiastic, dedicated and creative!

Soft Skills

Communication Skills

You need to have excellent communication skills, the ability to present to non-technical audiences and to interact with a team from a wide variety of disciplines.


As a well-organized developer with the habit of adhering to the best practices possible, you document your code clearly so that anyone else can pick up the code and understand what’s going on.

You like to share knowledge and are willing and able to guide and help others in the company improve and benefit from your experience and skill.


Getting your hands dirty—coding and developing is your primary focus. As an agency, we build all sorts of digital products: websites, web apps, mobile apps and even banner ads, email blasts and multimedia presentations.

When you are assigned to a project, you will work closely with the project manager and visual designer as a team, assisting with estimating and scoping to map out project schedules/milestones. You will follow our processes and work with our UX team to help design, consult and approve software architecture, and you will be accountable for the code quality and performance of your assigned projects.

Blue Blaze Associates, LLC is a full service marketing and design firm. Core services include: web and multimedia, branding, print communications, media planning and placement, public relations, client relationship building and strategic marketing.

Interested in working with us?

Please send your resume, hourly rate requirements, and links with summary info to your best work online to:


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