What’s in your toolbox?

By Sandy Taccone, Partner / CEO

My Dad always said, “If you want to do the job right, you have to have the right tool.” As a kid, I loved following him around, watching him putter and problem-solve a myriad of household mysteries and repairs. We had a game we would silently play: me anticipating the next hand tool he would need, and when I got it right, he would smile and nod as I passed it to him.

Dad’s workshop down in the cellar next to the coal bin was always cool and comfortable and smelled of sawdust, solvent, and oily rags. This was his refuge and homage to the many makers and tinkerers of Italian descent that came before him.

Today, as I think of what he taught me about using the right tool for the job, I understand now the broader life lesson. At Blue Blaze, we have many tools and technologies at our fingertips, with countless more being developed each day. In our work, we carefully assess which tools to employ in our designs and marketing strategies, and which ones will most effectively deliver the solutions and metrics our clients require.  

There’s nothing like a reliable tool with the right heft and utility to make short work of a project—whether it’s a screen door repair or the successful launch of a digital marketing campaign. Just ask my Dad.

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