BrightBloom Centers, formerly the Brandywine Center for Autism, provides Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy for children with autism and other special needs. Founded in 2014, this family-owned business maximizes each child’s learning potential through a science-based approach in a fun, safe, and engaging environment.

The Challenge

BrightBloom faced several key challenges as they contemplated business expansion. The number of ABA providers in their region has grown, creating more competition. Their name included “Brandywine,” which was somewhat limiting since their services have expanded beyond the Brandywine region. And the original name implied their centers were only for children with autism when ABA therapy can be suitable for children with other special needs.

Our Approach

Deep discovery for stronger positioning

Blue Blaze began with a comprehensive rebranding process to better represent BrightBloom’s unique qualities, clarify who they serve, and address their growing regional presence. The process included industry research, a competitive brand review of similar ABA providers, and stakeholder interviews to thoroughly understand the market for ABA therapy as well as their target audiences which include parents, referring organizations, and potential future employee candidates. Working collaboratively with the client, our in-depth analysis informed every aspect of the new brand, from the mission statement to the logo to the website design.

Cohesive, coordinated roll-out

Once the brand was ready to launch, Blue Blaze worked closely with BrightBloom to ensure a consistent roll-out across all platforms and mediums. For example, we coached BrightBloom on introducing the brand to each target audience and how to attract valuable press coverage. We also designed personalized social media training to help BrightBloom increase their brand awareness and direct visitors to their new website.

The Outcome

The client’s new brand messaging, strong online presence, and collateral materials work together to convey BrightBloom authentically to clients and the community, and as a result, the business has grown significantly.

“Bright” new name and visual identity reflects their approach

BrightBloom now has a vibrant, inclusive name and tagline, reinforcing their centers as fun places to learn and grow. Their new logo, color palette, and typography convey the organization’s focus on play as a fun pathway to learning in a safe, welcoming environment. In addition, the BrightBloom team received branded marketing materials, including brochures, postcards, business cards, signage, and promotional products, to present the new brand identity to both previous, existing, and new clients.

Parent-centric website attracts new clients

The BrightBloom website has received high praise from their clients and partners. In addition to a dynamic redesign, Blue Blaze reorganized the navigation, edited the content, and added a comprehensive resource section for parents. The result is a welcoming and educational site that instills confidence and invites visitor inquiries through search engine optimization and referrals.

Blue Blaze continues to support BrightBloom’s expansion into new markets by managing its social media, publicity, and advertising. We are honored to receive a Gold Hermes Creative Award for this project.

“As we grew, we found our former name to be limiting. We engaged Blue Blaze Associates to guide us through a creative rebranding process that has resulted in a wonderful new name, new website, and new messages that clearly communicate who we are and what we do.”
— Diliana Henry | Founder | BrightBloom Centers

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